Authonomy and the Aspiring Writer

For those of you who don’t know, Authonomy is a website run by Harper Collins.  The website is a stomping ground for aspiring writers to go and share their books with other aspiring writers (and avid readers).  The idea is that you post some, or your entire book, and gain valuable feedback and support from other members. The support comes in the form of comments, critiques and being placed on a member’s watch list or, the crème de la crème, their bookshelf.  The more bookshelves your book is on the better.  This allows a writer to rise to the top (much like that crème).   If you are lucky enough to reach the top five, your manuscript is read by one of the editors at Harper Collins.

Now, there is no promise to publish or anything like that, but they will provide pretty detailed coverage and they might—just might—option your book.

This whole processes resets at the beginning of every month.  Tomorrow (July 1st) is the first day of a whole new month.  A whole entire month for books to rise and fall in the rankings.  I have chosen my books for this month.  Some have been on my shelf for a while, a few are new to the shelf.  I tend to support a book until it reaches the Editor’s Desk.  Occasionally, though, I will discover a shooting star, and have to place it on my shelf (temporarily postponing my support for a dust collector).  Rest assured, though, that the dust collector will be placed back on the shelf in due time.

You can find the links to the books I am supporting below with a short description of each premise.  Feel free to check them out and show your support as well.

And When by Wendiann –

Struggling through life’s harshest realities alone, Jade will greet the promise of happiness offered by the stranger miles away.


Gobbeldygook by ML Morgan –

A thousand years ago Merlin was tricked and buried beneath rock and spell. With him the most powerful book of magic ever known, Gobbeldygook.


Fresh Meat by Maeve Sleibhin –

Paranormal fiction in the tropics – busting out with vampires, demons and succubi. Seems impressive, I’m sure. Until you see the mosquitoes.


What, The Elf? by Michael Matula –

A modern, fast-paced urban fantasy adventure. Manhattan like you’ve never seen it before.


Cypher by Violet Wells –

Through the pageantry of breaking cloud, the earth looks like a childhood memory. Something still and finished and remote.


And now for a little shameless self-promotion.  Here are my two projects:

The Mystery Adventure Club: The True Tales of Fairies

There were once thousands of doors into Faerie. Now there is only one. And Berta Poe just moved right on top of it.



Orlando Playboy Ethan Carmichael reluctantly fulfills his best friend’s dying wish and gives up his womanizing ways.

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