Organization Eludes Me…

…Yet, I give the illusion of being organized.

As a teacher, I felt more unorganized than I ever did in my entire life. However, those lovely little boogers I call students swore up and down I was their most organized teacher. If that’s the case, I do NOT want to see the mess these six other teachers have to deal with. Granted, I only appeared organized. If they new the truth, they would have to re-evaluate their entire belief system.

Eh… That might be a bit of an exaggeration.  (In English class we call that a _______?  If my students are reading this, please prove to me that I taught you something!)

As a writer, I always knew I wasn’t the most organized. I would write by the seat of my pants. On a whim. In random spurts. There was no routine. There is no routine. I’m not the writer who sits down every single day and writes at least 250 words. I know some who churn out 5000+ words a day.

Holy cow! How do they have that much time? I know I don’t. Granted, many of those prolific wordsmiths don’t have day jobs…as in they are professional writers and have the luxury of being able to spend eight hours of their day doing nothing but writing.  In other words, writing IS their day job.  Many do have normal jobs like me. Maybe I’m just lazy.  (Hrmmm…)(You may notice that I LOVE ellipses.)

Anyway, the idea of The Unorganized Writer is not just about my writing habits and planning methods (I have notebooks, scraps of paper, emails, post-its, iPhone notes and napkins with story ideas, character backgrounds, dialogue, etc ALL OVER THE PLACE). It’s about my tastes in books, music and movies. My interests are broad and varied–and somewhat disorganized.  It doesn’t make sense.  It’s like I can’t make up my mind what I like.  I can…I promise you.  I just like a lot of different things.  Take writing for example.  While I mostly write in the children’s/young adult fantasy genre, I also enjoy writing (and reading) mainstream fiction, science fiction, non-fiction and the likes. I enjoy movies from both ends of the spectrum, many that my students are shocked to learn that I’ve seen (The Hangover, Friday, etc). Music is much the same. I listen to it all. Classical, Rap, Country…all.

So, as you join me on this disorganized journey of getting my writing act together, I hope you’ll forgive my seeming lack of focus. One day I might be working on finishing that novel, the next I might be starting a new screenplay. However, if you bear with me, I promise you’ll see the fruits of my labor…and your patiences.

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